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Reiki symbols to focus on receiving

We receive Reiki as we give it. It fills us as it flows through our crown chakra, through our heart and body and out through our hands. Reiki activates our divine presence as it travels through us, awakening our spirit and empowering our life force as we receive while we give. The person, place or thing receiving Reiki has to do nothing, not even believe in it. As the practitioner, when we are "giving Reiki," we are actually receiving the Reiki on their behalf, as their life force draws Reiki through us and they receive what is exactly right for them.amandamm

We can use the Reiki symbols to focus on receiving. They bring specific divine energy that awakens the symbols' qualities in our life force, spirit and body. Activate them in your self-Reiki sessions and in your sessions with others. Set the intention to understand how they heal and empower our ability to receive. Then listen to what it teaches.kmkryy

When we invite CKR, we receive the light of the divine universe; when we call SHK we receive the power of the divine mind; and with HSZSN we receive the power of the divine heart and the powers awaken within us. When we invite DKM we receive the light of the Great Being of the Universe and the light shines on us as our friend, and the light of God awakens within us. When we invite the Tibetan Master symbols we receive the light of the Earth and the light of purity and they awaken within us.estellegg-壹份難舍的情

When I received Karuna Reiki®, I learned even more about receiving. Kwan Yin is a Goddess that embodies the compassionate action of Karuna Reiki®. She talked to me about the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in my Reiki practices. She said that the two were very out of balance on the planet at this time in human history and that one of the causes is misunderstanding about giving. She said that humanity has misunderstood the teaching that "it is better to give than receive" and that there was an intentional exploitation of that belief around 500 years ago. It was such a powerful influence that it is deeply ingrained in us today, and we act on it practically at a cellular level. The results are that we are not very good at receiving. Kwan Yin explained to me that receiving is an aspect of the Divine Feminine, which creates through receiving, while the Divine Masculine creates through giving. We need each in equal amounts to have balance. I was also shown that this dynamic has colored our views of our spirituality, which are often seen through examples of giving. Some believe we will be closer to God if we are givers. But she said the equal truth and teaching is "Ask and you shall receive," and that the world would be more balanced if we also gave equal attention to asking and receiving.jasmine-牽腸挂肚

What I find in the Reiki community is that we are often overgivers, coming, perhaps, from cultural conditioning, but sometimes also part of our nature from childhood. We were often the caretakers in our families or in our group of friends and we like this. However, we may not be as good at receiving. It is not that we should give less; it's that we can receive more. Just think of the possibilities if we were to receive with the same degree of passion that we give. How we would open up to the great gifts and joy that is all around us and that more is always available.floobty