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See also the lilac

See also the clove is in one night, sitting beside the case, it seems more than days do not have time to go out for a walk, seldom at leisure, winding path along the side of the river, walk Sundowners, a light breeze Fumian, or have far song flutters, the feelings of pleasure and comfort. Suddenly, saw the roadside that bundles are blooming lilac, purple, partly hidden and partly visible in veiled the green leaves, because it is just the purple bloom, not all over the branches, but the fragrance is full diameter. Heart, at that moment, full of love at the first sight of surprise, go go, and smell a flower, drunk smoked eyes, Qin drunk heart.The heart has been broken, I don't care

"Lilac tree, Ding Xiangshu, aromatic Saman tree path, I read under the tree in the morning, in the evening I walk, smell the lilacs Qin drunk heart, life ah life is how happy..." in the mind a long song flutters, pulled me back to the childhood that unforgettable campus life.That scene, the mood-ambermy

Remember, it was in the middle school, the campus left is a piece of a wild profusion of vegetation willow nursery, and nursery neighbor is a lilac bushes, in order to to his idea of the University, every student hard struggle, Ding Xiangcong naturally became our best places of learning. Early to school students every day, recite their provisions of the subject in a lilac bush, listening to the campus in long playing "Ding Xiangshu horn", full of One's fighting spirit soars aloft. every student's dream.哮喘

After further falls in love with a clove is reading Dai Wangshu in the "Rain Lane", youth romantic, let me in the new season, are often eager to encounter Dai Wangshu under the pen of the clove knot the same girl, often out of the God sitting there, in between the wandering thoughts as fantasy......asthma2011

The clove, Tang Li Shangyin has said: "upstairs at dusk desire Hugh, jade Tiheng is like a hook. The banana does not show the clove hitch, to the spring with their sorrow." Li Jing wrote: "handmade pearl jade hook, as before the spring lock Paris hate. Who is reigning over flowers wafting in the breeze? I brood over it without cease. Birds don't spread the letters outside cloud, sorrow clove empty node in the rain. I look back on green waves in twilight far and nigh: they roll on as far as the sky. The Song Dynasty poetess Li Qingzhao lilac describe more penetrating: "rub all the gold point light, cut into Bi Mussaenda layers. Your spirit as a mirror reflecting the sky, lofty and high. Mei Rui where customs very heavy, clove thousand node bitter rough. Why should your fragrance wake me from my far-off dream? Heartless you seem! Clove since ancient times and literati's melancholy, beautiful, Miss together, more let a person in love and a bit more gloomy Heartbeat.遠離鼻敏感

Lilac also known as "ragged", a cross knot. It is a knot, tied up the people yearning and not take off, the metaphor of "heart", "sorrow", the melancholy stagnation to thousands of complex. The lilac flower is: sorrow, miss and love. Because of Chinese ancient poets repeatedly chanting and widely sung, in Chinese heart, clove gradually became a symbol of beauty, Gao Jie, such as weak, and resentment of people or things.

In France, "time" when lilacs, means the best climate. In the west, the flower symbolizes the young man "innocence, love and humility".