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The flowers make shadow, let bygones are unexpecte

Flowers in April, April flowers, open to the bustling, open to the world the most beautiful face. Peach, cherry, plum, Begonia flower, flower of rape...... Brilliant purples and reds world drunk every night of the world, a riot of colours colors blurred soul. Each pair of capturing the beauty of the eyes and each a throbbing life.The absurd is a kind of encounter-alisamma

Sun, flower rustling their respective flowers, flowers of the sound became the most beautiful music in our ears, like a string of melodious music, then a wave. Listen to the voices of flowers, like the time also follow to stop, not the bustling world, no love and hate, and not in dispute, everything looks very peaceful, everything in a moment disappear in smoke, dissipated in the flower of the world, the most beautiful in the world in April day.What love is-ambermy

Life is too boring, hard work, even if the job is full of fun, also could not restrain spring out of the heart. Flowers in the world in April day, with a camera, and stop and go of memories, freeze the beautiful moments, each a unique exquisite lens made life silhouette as the flowers fade and fly. The flowers dancing wildly, throw it all up to be flung to the four winds.

Memory is too bad, the past is unspeakable, be struck with fright or cannot bear to think of the past, or is the boundless plain, Ten thousand steeds gallop., keep a heart Jian Nong film as the past wind.kmkryy

For a tree flowers, let the past the world better have nothing to do; a cuff breeze, various difficulties and hardships not cloud and the month just for today the wine; grazing ground flowers, enjoy the bee shadow butterflies play through lead a voluptuous life ask human non grudge.

I see the spring flowers, full of branches, a very beautiful very beautiful; I also see the spring flowers, fall to the ground, the air filled with the faint fragrance. No matter the fallen flowers or open flowers, flowers in April, is full of warm feeling of love.officialbusiness

The flowers on earth, was a fragrance; flowers open in the world, the most beautiful April day, I kissed a tree flowers, dancing among the flowers, let bygones are unexpectedly happy.

The April April world, human bloom, the dream, drunk a glass, between heaven and earth past wind.遠離哮喘