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Really want to fall in love

A married friend told me: Hui, want to fall in love, someone hurt someone love, still shy of the heartbeat, romantic roses, walk under the sun, the night of deep hold lingering.

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I think at the beginning of April met that year of spring, the wind gently blowing, the Buddha in the face, I met him at the hospital. Thin big boy, very shy, but often to granny's ward, slap shoulders, legs, careful and thoughtful. Although not in the imagination of the eyelid, small dimple, laugh bad bad guy, but still have a crush on him.
Remember that birthday, he is a shy flower to me, dazzlingly beautiful roses, coily exudes intoxicating aroma, I say thank you, but I like lily. He was ashamed to lower the head, be careful to say that I'm sorry, I didn't ask to be clear about, Valentine's day to send Lily OK? Then he conjured out of chocolate for me, that sweet and delicate taste, girls are like! Finally, he took out a delicate USB to me, he said, know you love writing, later wrote stored in the USB, write slowly, waiting for the old, we sat rocking chair slowly rolling, slowly aftertaste.
Early days of love, is sweet. Although later appeared little twists and turns.
The following year, graduation, was assigned to the project trainee. Follow the site go, environment, conditions, just out of school girls inevitably effemination, saw lying spread all across in confusion office chairs, dirty ground, unexpectedly "wow" sound squatting on the ground crying. He knew that I certainly can not accept such an environment, is very worried. Every day, we carrying my favorite fruits and snacks to the project department to see me, and then to catch the last bus to go back. So every day. During that time, I was unusually irritable, he is back to love the brotherhood. Have time to call me, suddenly cut off the electricity, I didn't give him a reply. After some time, he appeared sweat in front of me, but I asked him coldly, what are you doing here? Do not trouble trouble ah? He said you were suddenly disconnected, I worry about your accident. With great care words did not give me a little touched, I drove him impatiently, now see? I'm fine you go! They threw him out of office, his sleep. The second day in the morning, at dawn, he heard a knock at the door, wondering to open the door, is he! He was carrying reeky steamed stuffed bun, Soybean Milk give me. I asked, how so early come again? He said that he didn't back last night. I be startled at, no hotel, near the hotel, how do you live? He said, in the area around, tired, on the edge of the garden lie down for a while, just too many mosquitoes, can't sleep......
Quickly put his arm up have a look, is full of numerous small dots, it seems that the mosquito Miss really love him.
At that moment, tears suddenly fall down. A voice in my heart telling myself, this boy, worthy of my life.
So, really became his girlfriend.